Music by DJ Michael Butler

Which DJ Service should I call?
Whether it’s an elegant wedding reception, an informal party or a prestigious corporate or civic function, the entertainment is what your guests will remember most about your event. When you hire a DJ service you are not just renting a sound system with operator, you are purchasing entertainment. Why not get the best?

The DJ
Your best bet is to call DJ Michael Butler. With decades of knowledge and experience, Mike has helped many clients like you. Because you are working directly with the owner,  Mike can personally assure you of a successful event.

The Music
Do you love that old-time rock & roll? Or Motown? Jazz, swing, disco, country, Top 40, hip-hop, or modern rock? We have a comprehensive library spanning the years to appeal to every taste. And we play the right song at the right time.

The Sound System
In order for the music to sound right, your DJ must use first-class audio equipment. Home stereo components are just not made for road use or to perform well at a major gathering. We use only the best professional audio equipment, so you can always be sure of sparkling clear sound at any volume level.

The rest of the team
When Mike is already booked to play another event on your date, we have a team of other expert DJs. We work with only the best, most experienced contractors available, and we always tell you up front who your DJ will be. No bait-and-switch! Call us now to book your event.

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