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Presentation Services

From grand-scale corporate theatre to small high-intensity training sessions, from highly confidential analyst meetings to festive award and incentive conferences and banquets, Mike has been there to assure successful presentations, both in creating the documents and in managing the audio-visual infrastructure in which they are presented.

Visit the GalleryThings have come a long way from the days of Aldus Persuasion and Kodak Carousel 35mm slide projectors, and Mike has the experience in creating impactful presentation documents that enhance the presenter’s message. Now that the world has PowerPoint, there is a temptation to do-it-yourself or delegate it to already-overworked office staff, but a mission-critical presentation is too important to entrust to anyone but a trained professional.

When it’s time to put the show on the screen, Mike has decades of professional A/V experience, from backstage to front-of-house, and can create the ideal system so your audience can see and hear everything. From a simple projector and amplifier setup to an elaborate stage set and massive sound reinforcement, contact Mike when “the show must go on.”

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